Eligibility to Stand

Before embarking on the journey through this website to help decide whether to stand for Election in June 2025 for the office of People's Deputy, it is important to know who is eligible to stand.

To be able to stand in the 2025 Guernsey General Election, a candidate must:
be 18 years or over
be registered on the Electoral Roll
be ordinarily resident in Guernsey on the date of their nomination
have been ordinarily resident in Guernsey for two years immediately before the date of their nomination, or for five years in total at any time before the date of their nomination
have not at any time during the five years immediately before the date of the Election been sentenced for an offence by a court in the United Kingdom, any of the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man, to imprisonment for a period of six months of more.
Additional information on eligibility to stand can be found in the FAQ section of this site.
Eligible candidates will be able to deliver their nominations, signed in writing by two persons whose names are inscribed on the Electoral Roll, to the Presiding Officer between Monday 12th May 2025 at 9:00am and Wednesday 14th May 2025 at 4:00pm.
To continue on to learn more about Guernsey's system of government, the roles and responsibilities of a Deputy, and what successful candidates can expect, click the links below.

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