Being a Deputy

A People's Deputy has a wide range of roles and responsibilities, and their actions and decisions affect the community.

Above all, the primary duty of a Deputy is to act in the best interests of the people of the Bailiwick.

The three main, distinct roles of a Deputy or States' Member are:
As a Member of Parliament, known as the States of Deliberation or States' Assembly.
As a Member of a Committee, overseeing policy aspects of operational delivery.
As a constituency Member, helping members of the community with issues they may have that relate to the policies or services of government.
It is important to note that no two Deputies will undertake the same balance of these roles, and, more broadly, to consider that all Deputies are responsible for high level oversight of the delivery of public services.
The pages below offer prospective candidates further information on the roles and responsibilities of a States' Member, to help prepare for the demands of being a Deputy.
In this Section

Code of Conduct

All States' Members are required to swear an oath to abide by the Code of Conduct. The Code of...

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States' Meetings

The most public aspect of being a Deputy is making decisions in the States of Deliberation...

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Committee Work

States’ Committees develop and advise the States on policy, oversee operational functions for...

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Constituency Work

In your role as Deputy, from time to time, islanders will ask you directly for assistance...

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An additional role of a States' Member is to scrutinise the decisions being made, both within...

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Other Duties

Deputies may be required to travel off-island. Members who travel frequently are typically those...

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